Propecia: alert on the drug miracle anticalvitie

Propecia, prescribed to 30,000 men against hair loss, is on the hot seat. An alert is issued to the doctors. For the first time,l’Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament (ANSM) vient de lancer une alerte sur les risques liés au finastéride. Elle en informera aujourd’hui les professionnels de santé, à l’occasion d’une réunion avec le Collège […]

Minoxidil and finasteride: two treatments … to get your hair back!

Originally planned to treat prostate adenoma, finasteride is now used to … replenish the heads. The story stutters, because the first drug really active against the beginner baldness, minoxidil, had been designed to fight high blood pressure!  For a long time, the men losing their hair have had the choice between products and shampoos of various […]

Hair loss treatments – Best hair loss treatments

Hair loss More than 50% of all American men experience hair loss. Nearly one of the three men have 30 years of hair loss and over 50% hair loss 50 years experience. Hair loss is so common that most of the time it is considered a normal variant and not a disease. Other animals closely related to humans, such as […]